A Quick Tour: Boston, MA

Love to see people enjoying our city!

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Hi everyone!

My husband and I joined a one-day bus trip to Boston, Massachusetts. Our bus left Albany, NY at 7 am and arrived at 10 am in Boston. We only have 9 hours to explore the city, so we planned to visit Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall and the must-see places nearby.

1. Quincy Market/ Faneuil Hall
Our first stop was Quincy Market located in downtown Boston. The building was the central market of the city since August 1826. It’s a nice place to shop and enjoy a selection of worldwide cuisine.

We walked outside the market and took photos of Faneuil Hall – also known as “The Cradle of Liberty.” It was built in 1742 and has served as a meeting hall for more than 270 years.img_6869

The statue of Samuel Adams stands behind the building. He was one of the patriots who organized the American Revolution and signed the…

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