Discover Boston’s hidden gem

As a historic district on both sides of the Neponset River, Lower Mills has long been praised as the home of fantastic culinary experiences and hub of plentiful activity.

6 Restaurants

Offering diverse menus.

12 Local Businesses

Realty to pet care, it’s all here.

Dorchester Park

Home to 5 acres of bliss.

Lower Mills a site of history

and modern living

“What I love so much about Lower Mills in Dorchester is just how friendly the business owners are. Nowhere else in Boston do I get that small town feel in an otherwise bustling area. It's the perfect place for me.”

Kara LucasYoga Instructor

“I don't live in Lower Mills, but find myself driving there almost daily. I'm about 5 miles out in Milton but no place gets you as good a lunchtime restaurant option as Lower Mills offers. It's a great spot. A hidden gem in my opinion.”

Alex CohenAccountant