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via 10 Interesting Historical Facts About Dorchester, MA

The historic “town” of Dorchester, Massachusetts was founded in 1630 by English Puritans.

One of the largest neighborhoods in Boston, Dorchester has had a long and interesting history.

When Captain Squib sailed the ship Mary and John into Boston Harbor, he surely couldn’t anticipate the many ways the new settlement would impact the coming nation.

Here are 10 interesting historical facts about Dorchester, MA.

  1. The original settlement site is currently at the intersection of Columbia road and Massachusetts Avenue.
  2. The oldest surviving home in Boston is located in Dorchester. The James Blake House is located at Edward Everett Square.
  3. Chocolate was first introduced to the United States in Dorchester in 1765. The first chocolate mill, The Walter Baker Chocolate Factory was located in the Lower Mills section of town.
  4. Dorchester was considered a country retreat in the 19th century and John F Kennedy’s grandparents lived in the Ashmont Hill area of Dorchester.
  5. Dorchester was annexed by Boston in 1870.
  6. Dorchester was the home of Lucy Stone. Lucy Stone was the first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree and outspoken advocate for voting rights for women.
  7. Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote a poem, “The Dorchester Giant,” referring to the “Roxbury pudding-stone.” This special stone was used to build churches in the Boston area including many famous sites.
  8. Dorchester has always been a diverse community which welcomed many immigrants from locations such as Ireland, Canada, Poland, Italy and many migrant Americans from the south. This influx of people prompted the building of the famous triple decker apartment buildings.
  9. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived in Dorchester while he attended Boston University.
  10. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is located in Dorchester.

Dorchester, Massachusetts has welcomed new residents since its founding. This beautiful community merges old and new homes with a seamless neighborhood feel. During its long history, Dorchester has been a popular location for home buyers. Immigrants and vacationing elite have enjoyed this area which merges its historic roots with a thriving contemporary lifestyle.

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